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The product is combined into one. Where do the traditional LED video processor manufacturers go in 2019?

Release time:2018-08-28    Browse :1378

The bubble is broken and the time of the new life.

      What if the new student is not you?

    Recently, many LED control system manufacturers in the industry have released new products one after another, and this new product has made many companies not calm. On December 10th, Lingxin Vision released a three-in-one video processor, which integrates a sending card, a video processor and an asynchronous playback. It is understood that in addition to Lingxin vision, many control system manufacturers include Nova and Calette. , Yangbang, etc. have launched such products, the introduction of such products will undoubtedly give the traditional LED video processor manufacturers a head.

The future has come to be irresistible

The LED video processor is also called a picture processor, an image converter, a video controller, an image processor picture converter, a video format converter independent video source, and the like. The LED video processor is the full-time witness and key equipment for the birth, growth and maturity of the LED full-color display. The advantages and disadvantages of the LED video processor directly affect the display effect of the LED display. The binding of the LED video processor to the display screen greatly facilitates the wide application of the end user and improves the depth of use of the LED display.

  It is understood that the products introduced by the LED control system manufacturers will seize a large share of traditional video processor manufacturers. For users, there is no need to purchase a separate transmission card and video processor, but to purchase one. The function, regardless of the price and the after-sales aspect have great advantages, and this is only the beginning, Xiaobian through interviews, there will be more control system manufacturers to launch such products in the future. Some insiders predict that control system manufacturers will replace video processor manufacturers. For control system manufacturers, two-in-one or three-in-one products can seize more market share, but for traditional LED video processor companies. How to get a slice of the two in one and three in one era, test their wisdom and ability.

Looking for opportunities in change

 In the face of the momentum of the control system manufacturers, as the supporting enterprise of the LED display industry, is facing the dilemma of being separated. According to industry insiders, this kind of substitution is already the trend of the times. The two-in-one or three-in-one products launched by the control system manufacturers can integrate several products better, can better serve customers and save money for customers. In contrast, traditional LED video processor manufacturers are somewhat stretched, and some experts predict that many traditional LED video processor manufacturers will face bankruptcy as the two-in-one product breaks out.

      And is the fact really so cruel? Xiao Bian interviewed many engineering companies, and some engineering companies are also in a state of contradictory mentality. They are also happy and worried about them. One is the habit problem, the other is the income from the income engineering quotation, and some engineering companies say that this product is good for us to compete for customers, but in any case, everyone said that this is definitely a trend, but not so fast. This product replacement revolution will be a crisis that cannot be avoided for most people.

       In the long run, two-in-one products may be a development trend, but it is worth noting that such products cannot fully meet the needs of customers and the market. As the spacing of small-pitch LED displays becomes smaller and smaller, the resolution of the screens is getting higher and higher, which greatly expands the functions and applications of the screens, and also imposes stricter requirements on LED video processors. The changes in this product will not affect this part of the high-end market.

  At present, the two-in-one product is just a big-screen processor that replaces some common functions. Therefore, the current difficulties of the traditional video processor manufacturer company must be temporary, and the solution is to change the previous extensive business model and the product upgrade behind it. Problems such as funding pressure and meeting the needs of personalized application scenarios remain to be resolved. Once you have a strong system production capacity, landing docking capabilities and price advantages, it will be a great opportunity for traditional video processor companies.


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