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2019 LED display industry to break the ice three big tricks!

Release time:2018-10-28    Browse :1306

In the blink of an eye, the end of the year. While LED display manufacturers are busy summarizing 2018, they are also embarking on new plans for 2019 market goals and strategies. In 2018, China's LED display market started with the booming COB technology products, but at the end of the year, it ended with the overall downturn of the overall market. This year, it can be said that under the premise that the big environment is not ideal, the performance of most screen enterprises is not counted. optimism. In this case, how to better plan for 2019 is a big challenge for screen companies. Combining the current industry and the actual situation of the market, the author believes that in 2019, LED screen enterprises need to carry out a more comprehensive layout from the three aspects of market, product and team.

3.Continuously optimized product line to solve product pain problems

      In the overall downturn of the overall market, LED display manufacturers need to further optimize the product line, improve their product institutions, and improve product quality. On the one hand, while the product variety is abundant, more power is concentrated on its own “fist product”, and the so-called “good steel is used in the blade” can better attack the market. On the other hand, more stringent product quality. At present, LED display terminal customers are becoming more and more mature and rational, and their requirements for product quality are becoming more and more strict. If you want to fool customers with low-priced, low-quality products, you are definitely dead.

      After fully optimizing the product, the next LED display shows that the new product performs better in terms of quality and performance. At the same time, we must also pay attention to solving the pain points of old products and improve the vitality of our products. In the end, through the optimization and consolidation of product structure, the market is actively developing.

Improve the training system for talents and lay a foundation for the development of enterprises

      In today's society, talent is the capital of the core competitiveness of enterprises. In particular, the cultivation of core talents of enterprises is the core strategic task of enterprises. The same is true for LED display companies. According to industry estimates, in the next 2019, industrial development will be more difficult. Screen companies want to achieve long-term development and pursue greater development. They must rely on the advantages of talents, especially R&D talents, market talents, and management talents. Optimization and cultivation.

       In 2018, many screen companies in the industry began to pay attention to the talents and the improvement of their skills and professional level. They held technical sharing meetings and channel service presentations for many times. In 2019, the level of internal talent training required by screen enterprises needs to be further improved. It is believed that with the continuous transformation and upgrading of the industry, the talent training system of the screen enterprises in the industry will be more perfect.

Active market strategy to promote healthy growth of the industry

      For a long time, in the marketing activities of many LED display manufacturers, they always take the form of “price reduction”, “rebate” and “draw”. These marketing methods and the current changing market environment and demand changes have It must be consistent, but it is not enough. According to the current situation, the LED display market in 2019 may be more crisis-ridden. The original traditional or single market strategy can no longer meet the development needs of the screen enterprises to pursue "high growth and high profit", and must be flexible and diverse. In order to stimulate and drive more markets.

       The more and more obvious trend is that with the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading and the trend of market demand, LED display competition has expanded into price, product performance, and overall competition of brand, service, channel and other industrial value chains. Next, screen companies want to win in a more intense market, we must strengthen the strength of many aspects.


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