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Through the reality and the future, how has the LED display industry changed in 2019?

Release time:2018-10-28    Browse :763

Years are not living, the season is like a stream. Whether it is reluctant or want to escape as soon as possible, 2018 has left us and gradually drifted away. In the past year, there have been many changes in the LED display industry. Due to the impact of the entire economic environment, the industrial situation is grim, internal competition is becoming more and more fierce, new technologies and trends are coming, Micro LED, COB, and ice screen. As applications become more realistic, leasing, commercial display and other fields are increasing. The market is changing with each passing day, and the industry is no longer the industry. The development of LED display industry in 2019 will be concentrated in the following aspects:

1 Product standardization will rise to the strategic level

      The current LED displays standardized products, emphasizing that product development is designed according to national or industry-related standards, and production is also strictly standardized. For example, “standards” are required from raw material supply to module applications, product size and brightness. The future direction of the LED display industry requires products to be more efficient, more economical and more reliable, while standardization is the biggest driving force for the expansion and benign development of the industrial market.

      As the industry has said, “As long as the manufacturer guarantees extremely high performance, quality and related standards, migrant workers can also produce LED products of international level.” Although somewhat exaggerated, the reason is the same, as long as the entire industry chain is upstream and downstream. The manufacturer's LED display device indicators and supporting facilities can strictly abide by the standards, while ensuring the improvement of product quality, it can greatly reduce the manufacturing difficulty of some manufacturers. For enterprises in the industrial chain, it also means redistributing their own industrial layout, re-examining their core strengths, and re-integrating their own industry resources. Screen enterprises should raise the strategic agenda as soon as possible to promote the industry "standards". The establishment of the landing.

2 special application new blue sea to pull market demand

      In the past two years, the industry's upstream chips, packaging and other manufacturers have repeatedly expanded production background. Under the pressure of oversupply in the LED display industry in 2018, it may still be unable to get rid of oversupply pressure in 2019, but with the COB small pitch LED display The special application market such as screen, Mini LED, ice screen, smart display, and light pole screen are gradually increasing, which is expected to drive demand increase.

      Looking forward to 2019, the growth of small spacing will continue, and the growth rate may further slow down. The biggest reason is that the current small-pitch LED screen is almost saturated with the replacement of traditional equipment in the existing advantages. In this case, it is very important for the screen enterprise to seek new growth points. With the promotion of various international sports events and the “One Belt, One Road” policy, the small-pitch screen enterprises can focus on the development of new overseas markets. At the same time, they constantly improve their technology and products, and expand the application of small-pitch applications. For example, the cinema market, the e-sports market, and so on. In 2019, under the background of coexistence of pressure and opportunity, the industry will still show a state of positive innovation, and innovation at all levels will be worthy of expectation.

3 Service-oriented industry after-sales demand will rise

      If the past decade is based on the LED display industry market driven by products, prices, channels and promotions, then the new decade: products, design, services and experiences have also become the core elements of the industry market. In the context of consumer diversification, consumer demand is further activated, and the perception of products and services will undergo revolutionary changes. The requirements for products are higher, the design requirements are more self-contained, the service requirements are more consumer-centric, and the attention to the experience exceeds the concern for products and prices.

       The “service”-oriented industry after-sales service is the most important key business in the LED display industry. Under the market demand, which screen enterprises will occupy the commanding heights of services first, which screen enterprises can occupy the commanding heights of the market. An important fact cannot be ignored, that is, the overall level of after-sales service of the current LED display industry has been low. On the one hand, the end-users' service attitude and service capability requirements for after-sales service personnel continue to improve, while the after-sales service of the entire industry faces the reality that talents are disconnected and the yellow and yellow are not connected. On the other hand, the small pitch and the intelligent display of LED display are rapidly popularized. Wait, it also brings more challenges to the service staff. In particular, it shows the intelligence of industrial hardware, as well as the completeness and integration of user needs. Home appliance service personnel cannot just understand one type, and must be proficient in everything.

4Industry integration has intensified the differential development of screen enterprises

     Undoubtedly, the current leading screen enterprises can not only occupy the excellent resources of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, but also have strong R&D capabilities, large production capacity and comprehensive products. In the terminal market, the brand effect of the leading screen enterprises continues to expand. But this does not mean that SMEs have no hope at all. If they can't do the first, they will be the only ones. In 2019, it is believed that the differentiation strategy is still an inevitable choice for many SMEs.

     The current LED display market, innovative and other advantages (double-sided) transparent screen, ice screen, jade screen, (double-sided) poster screen, light pole screen, smart display, etc. began to be favored by different markets, while another On the one hand, small and medium-sized enterprises can start from the subdivisions that the leading enterprises can't take care of, specializing in one or several kinds of development of new categories, and taking the "small and beautiful" differentiation strategy to win. In general, the first half of the LED display industry relies on the market scale and breadth of profitability. Now we are in a critical turning point, and we need to actively explore the future survival and development path.

     The moment is the worst era, and also the best era. This is an era that requires broken arms to survive, make great efforts, and brave and progressive. In the future, screen enterprises should have an insight into market trends and advance layout in order to achieve growth in the industry.


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