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In 2019, LED manufacturers: Competing with it, it is better to compete!

Release time:2018-11-28    Browse :1511

Although there are some difficulties in this winter in 2018, it is gratifying that the upgrade and transformation of the entire LED display industry has not slowed down. On the contrary, with the increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers have begun to leap from product, technology and service volume to qualitative change. In 2019, LED display manufacturers want to develop opportunities in a cold market environment, they must completely change the concept of "single hammer trading" to do business, and embark on the path of ecological synergy.

    Of course, building an ecosystem does not require all manufacturers to transform from “selling products” to solution providers, but to establish a win-win platform based on market demand and suppliers, distributors, peers, and users. The core is to Solve two problems: how to build a good product, good service; how to establish a user-centered way to create a win-win situation. So how do manufacturers realize the transition from doing business to doing ecology? The following points are worthy of reference.

1 As much as possible, to listen to the sound of the terminal market. At present, LED display terminal market customers and users are more and more mature and rational. They have their own needs for products, solutions, technologies and even services. Manufacturers need their voices to become their own participants in innovation and change. And promoters.

2 The bottom line and guidelines for competing for co-opetition and mutual benefit are not destroyed. At present, the large number of manufacturers in the LED display industry have been increasing their hand, such as Ai Biesen and Powerful Color, Otto Electronics and Lixiang Huike, LED display

In 2019, on the road of transformation and upgrading, LED display manufacturers should also pay attention to establish an ecological platform for end users, and promote the benign development of more LED display industry with the sharing of interests of upstream and downstream industry chain partners.manufacturers and manufacturers, in the market is not only a competitive relationship, but also Cooperation, especially with the intensification of industrial competition, has become a major trend in the industry.


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