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LED screen enterprise: The wind has passed, and the "pig" without Nirvana will be killed.

Release time:2018-07-28    Browse :1469

"Standing on the vent, the pigs can fly!

The meaning is: as long as you choose the right direction, seize the opportunity, then stupid people can be lifted. This is the "flying pig theory", its founder Lei Jun.

There are two prerequisites for the establishment of the "flying pig theory":

 1. The Chinese economy must be in an upward period.

 2. The industry you choose must be in the dividend period.

      However, these two preconditions are no longer present in many industries in China... Especially after the market collapse in 2018, the current situation seems to be more in line with Ma’s assertion that “the wind has passed, and all the pigs that died are pigs. "The same is true for the LED display industry.

In 2018, the LED display industry has passed

     I have to admit that this is the most realistic problem in the current LED display industry. First of all, the dividends of the state and the government are reduced or even disappeared. Secondly, the daily market of the terminal market is saturated. With the sinking of the channel and market in the industry in recent years, the current demand for LED display in China has already shown signs of fatigue. Finally, it is the technology update in the industry. In recent years, the LED display industry has almost no revolutionary technology and products except for small spacing. Even if COB and Mini LED in 2018 inject a little new vitality into the industry, it is coming. Look, their markets are not yet up.

      What is even more worrying is that the market segment of the industry is also becoming saturated. Looking at the industry situation in 2018, the market segments such as leases and transparent screens that were very popular earlier have been somewhat tepid, and the trend of cooling in the market segment has come, and this year's performance is still good with small-pitch LEDs. The Shangxian market has already been divided up by several fixed strong screen enterprises. Other small enterprises that do not have enough competitive strength can only sigh silently next to them. "The excitement is theirs and has nothing to do with me." Not only that, under the influence of the harsh economic environment in 2018, many outlets in the LED display industry have shown signs of “dead”, such as the cinema market and building lighting.

In 2019, either "falling to death" or Nirvana soaring

       As we move further, China’s speculative and borrowing “window” will become less and less until it disappears. In the future, LED screen enterprises will either make up the "pig" of the downwind, or they will be able to stabilize for a while after the "wind", otherwise it will easily fall into a speculative way of finding a whistle and playing smart. Of course, screen enterprises with strong strength and innovation can create their own "wind" and lead the development of the industry so that competitors can only follow themselves.

        What's more, choosing "window" is just a gambling track. For improving your own strength, it is always limited. The world is changing so fast that there is no "window" that will continue to blow down.

       Some people complain that the best era of China's LED display industry has passed, because the macroeconomic uptrend and the industry's many dividend periods are no longer there, and in another way, it can be said that China's LED display industry is the best era. Right now! Because the people who join in the fun have left, only the people who really love this industry are sticking.


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