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What is the difference between naked-eye 3D technology? Being ruthlessly hit by the LED screen market into the cold palace

Release time:2019-01-04    Browse :839

As the saying goes, this is a bad age. Everything follows two laws. One is that it can't escape the fate step into a pioneer, * two steps into a martyr", and the other is "thirty years." The reincarnation of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi, formed a mysterious, explosive, and rapid declining development path, which is particularly evident in the LED display industry where technology is undergoing high-speed iterative renewal.

     The naked-eye 3D display technology has always been one of the directions that the display industry is actively exploring and pursuing. As a relatively new and innovative technology, the naked-eye 3D technology has many advantages, not only does it need to wear external aids such as 3D glasses or helmets* Create realistic 3D effects, and effectively avoid the nausea, dizziness, visual fatigue and other adverse reactions that the immersive experience is used to. When the naked-eye 3D display technology was unveiled in 2012, it was highly praised by the LED display market and was favored and sought after by many LED screen companies. However, the good times are not long. After the small wave of 3D naked eyes in the LED display industry, due to various factors such as technology and price, most of the LED screen enterprises have “slowed into the cold palace”, making them continue on the road to depression. 


Technically, since the naked-eye 3D LED display is technically demanding, it is necessary for the viewer to see the 3D effect from any angle. Although one, two, four, and eight viewpoints can be made now, Doing dozens of viewpoints* will increase the difficulty. Because of this, manufacturers have many problems in the process of R&D and production. The products launched have always had visual limitations and cannot meet market standards. Over time, the funds invested by LED display companies in the R&D and production process have almost lost their enthusiasm.

  Of course, we can't completely deny the R&D strength of the LED display industry. There are also some companies that have the ability to produce naked-eye 3D LED displays. The products launched are impeccable in terms of visual effects and appearance. But at this time, the naked-eye 3D technology as a new technology can't escape another law: the product price is too high, the market is not enough, and the market cannot be opened.


      As a new product, the naked-eye 3D LED display can really attract customers' attention, but due to the lack of market awareness, everyone is just new to this "new guy", plus one higher than conventional products. With the price cut, the content of playing content, and the complexity of playing software, there are very few customers who can really save money to buy and use. This is undoubtedly a cold water that can’t wait to win the bonus from the LED display company. cool.

       If the naked-eye 3D technology is degraded, it is undoubtedly a pity for the LED display manufacturers or the terminal market. However, starting from 2018, with the continuous innovation of the LED display industry and the diversification of application scenarios, as well as people's cultural and spiritual level The substantial increase, we are fortunate to see the 3D naked-eye technology LED display has returned to the public's sight, and with amazing display effect to bring people a visual shock.

     Nowadays, the naked-eye 3D LED display is ubiquitous in our daily life. For example, in the field of dance beauty, in 2018, Wang Feng’s “* Such” national tour, the Guangzhou station dance beauty design, the live performance of the ring-shaped four-sided unique space 3D sense and dimension. Subverting the previous concerts, while enhancing the audiovisual effect, * created a naked-eye 3D, "immersive" music audio-visual feast. In the field of outdoor advertising, Coca-Cola's naked-eye 3D advertising in New York's Times Square was shocked by the world. It consisted of 1760 independent mobile LED screens and formed a six-storey super 3D billboard, becoming the world's largest 3D automatic advertising. "" and "3D automatic billboards in the world".


     In addition, the application of naked-eye 3D LED display in various exhibitions is more and more frequent, especially the combination of AR, VR, holographic projection and other technologies, not only can achieve two-way interaction with users, but also more vivid, Directly demonstrating the spirit and cultural heritage of the company, it has become the eye-catching artifact of the major pavilions. According to the survey, the global 3D display shipments and market size will reach 280 million units and 83 billion US dollars in 2021, and the penetration rate of the naked-eye 3D market will reach 50% or more in the future. The policy dividend has provided a strong boost to the development of the naked-eye 3D display. In 2016, the State Council issued the “13th Five-Year Plan”* strategic emerging industry development plan, and naked-eye 3D* was included.

      From the current point of view, the naked-eye 3D LED display industry seems to continue to go uphill, although the speed is still relatively slow, but at least show a huge market capacity, so that a number of LED screen enterprises to see the vitality.


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