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Video conferencing

Demand analysis:
       The conference room is mainly used to meet the daily meetings of government and enterprises, in order to achieve timely communication and efficient operation. Among them, conference display equipment is one of the necessary means to improve work efficiency. It is responsible for collecting more than 60% of the information we perceive. important. The traditional projection application has the disadvantages of low brightness, limited viewing angle, blurred imaging, and high application environment requirements, and has not achieved the maximum value of the conference.
       Based on cutting-edge small-pitch display technology, LDSEN Technology combines LED seamless HD display technology with video conferencing monitoring and fusion system to introduce a new series of small-pitch products with high-definition seamless display terminals and flexible and economical display size. The combination of audio and video, flexible splitting of combined screens, etc., ensures that decisions and commands from all parties can be communicated, executed and fed back quickly and securely, thus ensuring the synergy and efficiency of the entire organization.

Application ranges:

Government, enterprise, military, communications, airport, highway, public security, energy, finance, etc.


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