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LDSEN service

The whole screen after-sales service period is three years, free maintenance during the service period.

Lifetime maintenance, spare parts and maintenance services are guaranteed at a reasonable price after the warranty period, and only the cost is charged.

24-hour after-sales service technical support contact telephone 0755-23699316

During the warranty period: Party B provides 24-hour service, feedback within 30 minutes from the date of receipt of the maintenance notice, and on-site maintenance within 24 hours. The general fault is repaired within 4 hours. The expenses incurred by this party shall be borne by Party B.

LDSEN technical support

LDSEN technical support pre-sales technical support and after-sales technical support, pre-sales technical support is in the sales of unanswerable product problems, pre-sales technical support to help; after-sales technical support is to help users diagnose and solve their use The problems that occur during the process of the LDSEN LED display products may be caused by the technical problems caused by the products.

Customer service

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