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Media Advertising

Demand analysis:
As a new type of media propaganda, LED advertising screen has become a new force in the advertising media industry. It needs to have the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, bright color, clear subject, novel design and synchronous image display. Massive advertising information can stand out from the crowd, inadvertently give the audience visual stimuli, grab the audience's attention, and complete the news information product cross-media, multi-pattern communication, giving the digital age readers a more diverse information experience. Realize the advertising needs of brand owners and achieve the desired brand promotion effect.
As one of the domestic LED advertising screen manufacturers, Lianderson Technology provides a package of effective services for the individual needs of customers, including pre-design, production, installation, commissioning, after-sales, etc. At the same time, it is the first to introduce energy-saving screens in the industry. Compared with the conventional display, the energy saving is more than 50%, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the customer; realizes the stable operation of the LED advertising screen, and maintains a good display effect during a long operating time, including the color and brightness of the display screen. Contrast, grayscale and uniformity, etc., to maximize the value of advertising.

Application ranges:

      Shopping malls, building exteriors, shop windows, pedestrian streets, office buildings, real estate companies, hotels, etc.


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